[SCM] Packaging for scorched3d branch, master, updated. upstream/42.1dfsg-28-gaa654cd

Bruno Kleinert fuddl at tauware.de
Tue Jun 30 16:24:05 UTC 2009

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 283d9bc4eea93b14d9972ee2e7e4590ae09ab98c
Author: Bruno Kleinert <fuddl at tauware.de>
Date:   Tue Jun 30 16:52:50 2009 +0200

    lintian warning: dh_clean -k is deprecated in favour of dh_prep since debhelper 7

diff --git a/debian/rules b/debian/rules
index 2e20754..5ceaa37 100755
--- a/debian/rules
+++ b/debian/rules
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ clean-patched: patch-stamp
 install: build
-	dh_clean -k 
+	dh_prep
 	$(MAKE) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp
 	mkdir -p debian/tmp/usr/share/bug/scorched3d

Packaging for scorched3d

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