[pkg-GD-devel] status on libgd stuff?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sun Aug 12 20:12:38 UTC 2007

>> following files contains a copyright note different from earlier relea=
>> FindFontconfig.cmake
>> FindPNG.cmake
>> FindPTHREAD.cmake
>> FindXPM.cmake
>> TestForHighBitCharacters.cmake
>> TestForStandardHeaderwait.cmake

> All these files should not be distributed.

Why do you do it, then?

>> I do understand that Sean is (or has been) involved in the upstream
>> development of GD. I do not want to get involved in that. For the
>> packaging of GD for Debian I intend to mainly grab your officially
>> released tarballs and build Debian packages from that.
> You got it wrong. We are not talking about upstream but about what
> will be packaged/distributed in debian.

> What I like to have will be committed in the php-gd repository in
> debian cvs. There is a submodule there which will be used to create
> the patches and all Sean need for the packaging. Doing this way make
> our work (Sean and me) easier while keeping the quality as an
> acceptable level.

What *will* be packaged/distributed for Debian is what *we* (Debian
developers, currently Sean and I) choose to package/distribute, not what
you (upstream GD developers) choose to put in some repository of yours.

Excellent if Sean wants to work closer together with you upstream people
on what you consider optimal for Debian to package/distribute.

No need for us to waste more time on talking past each other then :-)

 - Jonas

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