[pkg-GD-devel] status on libgd stuff?

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Mon Aug 13 08:20:21 UTC 2007

Pierre skrev:
> On 8/12/07, Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk> wrote:
>>>> following files contains a copyright note different from earlier relea=
>> ses:
>>>> FindFontconfig.cmake
>>>> FindPNG.cmake
>>>> FindPTHREAD.cmake
>>>> FindXPM.cmake
>>>> TestForHighBitCharacters.cmake
>>>> TestForStandardHeaderwait.cmake
>>> All these files should not be distributed.
>> Why do you do it, then?
> What I mean is that you don't have to distribute them, they are only
> required to build the test suites.

Yes. I know.

And we don't (re)distribute them currently - that is exactly what I
wrote here initially.

But ideally we should not repackage your upstream tarball. Together with
it our patches to your source and our binary compilations of it, we
should instead simply redistribute your source as-is.

Which was my reason for bringing it to your attention. You don't need to
understand that. Let's just drop this unfruitful dialogue.

> I'm now part of the php-gd development team, which is now the
> maintainers of the GD package,

The Alioth group "pkg-gd" maintains GD version 2.x (source package named
libgd2) and some other packages using that library.

The Alioth group "php-gd" maintains php-gd, AFAIK.

Alioth groups only doing Debian packaging of software, not also the
"upstream" work, tend to be named "pkg-*". I apologize for assuming that
was the case here too.

You get on my nerves too, Pierre - let's not do that: Please communicate
through Sean or others from now on, Pierre. This is too tiresome.

 - Jonas

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