[Pkg-ggz-maintainers] Uploading packages

Josef Spillner josef at ggzgamingzone.org
Wed Jan 4 09:16:13 UTC 2006


Gesundes Neues erstmal! :-)

What is missing for the upload to happen? Am I expected to build+sign the 
packages or is that better done on the side of the uploader?

The pkg-ggz-commits list should also be activated, but I couldn't figure out 
yet how this would be done.

Time-wise I expect GGZ 0.0.13 to appear somewhen in February, but that doesn't 
mean that we should wait that long, since I ultimately want one release which 
actually has proven to work out of the box. Also, the release might be 
delayed since we're most likely receiving a significant Java contribution, 
which so far doesn't run on Kaffe/GIJ, but is very important for non-geek 
players to get onto the live.g.o server.


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