[pkg-ggz-maintainers] GGZ and gnome-games

Jason Short jdorje at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 01:08:45 UTC 2007

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Hi,
> while packaging the latest gnome-games upstream version, we noticed it
> bundles *all* GGZ libraries in the package. This is quite annoying, in
> terms of flexibility, maintainability and security, and I intend to link
> to the Debian packages instead.

The reason is bad distribution of GGZ libraries among distributions.  If
all distributions do as you are doing then the problem will be gone and
the gnome-games people won't need to do this.

> However, there are some improvements in this tree that I'd like to see
> in the GGZ libraries as well. The sole code change consists in swapping
> two buttons in a dialog box to make it HIG compliant. There are also
> gazillions of translations that all packages using GGZ would benefit
> from, but it would require a bit of work to extract them.
> In addition to updating GGZ to 0.0.14 when possible, would you consider
> integrating these changes?

Give me a patch or point me to one.  Or someone can volunteer to commit
the patches directly (GTK programming is not our strength).


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