[pkg-ggz-maintainers] Bug#473350: Bug#473350: Reproducible

Josef Spillner 2005 at kuarepoti-dju.net
Thu Aug 28 18:11:42 UTC 2008

Hello Neil,

Am Donnerstag 28 August 2008 19:26:50 schrieb Neil Williams:
>  * Starting GGZ server ggzd
> (<errorsys>) Unable to read file /etc/ggzd/ggzd.conf: No such file or
> directory (<errormsg>) WARNING:  No configuration file loaded!
>                                                           [ ok ]
> neil at holly:ggz-server-$
> So without /var/lib/ggzd/ggzdb.ver, the install succeeds and the server
> starts, albeit with a warning about a missing configuration file that
> was removed to fix a different bug (according to the changelog). See
> #454683.

The warning is indeed a bit annoying, but not harmful in any way. We will look 
into how to convey the semantics of "optional" configuration files into the 
API of libggz upstream.

> libdb4.6 vs libdb4.3 - Hmmm.

This is what has been identified as a problem before, but so far nobody has 
stepped up to upload fixed packages which tighten the build dependencies or 
alternatively backport the M4 macros for libdb detection which were fixed in 

See my comments on bug #490420. IMHO tightening the build-deps will be the 
quickest fix to avoid header and library mismatching with libdb4.


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