[Pkg-gpe-maintainers] Is libgpeschedule intended to work on 'normal' systems?

Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz rodrigo at nul-unu.com
Fri Dec 21 23:10:35 UTC 2007


I've recently installed gpe-clock, because I want to have a taskbar
alarm clock that does not need gnome's or kde's specific taskbars.

Now, when setting trying to set an alarm, it complains that

/var/spool/at/1198277160.1-1000: No existe el fichero o el directorio
ERROR-GPE: Imposible fijar alarma

(ie: no such file, can't set an alarm)

I've chased this to libgpeschedule's trying to directly mess with at's
spool files. Why doesn't it simply use the at command to do the
scheduling? Or, if it's not even using atd to fire off the alarms, why
use a directory that suggests it does? In any case, that's not even
the directory standard at uses.

I'm not filing a bug for this, because I'm aware my expectations of
what's right may be wildly off, since I have no knowdlege at all of GPE.

Rodrigo Gallardo
GPG-Fingerprint: 7C81 E60C 442E 8FBC D975  2F49 0199 8318 ADC9 BC28
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