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CAMARA CONTE conte_mcamara.641 at msn.com
Tue May 5 14:40:53 UTC 2009

Please Waiting to hear your positive reply
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please I know that you do not know me, but I want you to read this mail carefully and consider my present need for assistance. My name is Mr.CAMARA CONTE,28 years old and the only son of my mother,my father was the (late president of Guinea LANSANA CONTE). my father ruled Guinea Republic for 24 years (FROM 1984 to 2008) died on 22rd December 2008. I have ran out of my country to Cotonou  Benin Republic becuase I know that the new president wants to make a problem with my family which I know they have started.
On 17th April 2004, My father sent my step eldest brother, Mr OUSMANE CONTE and I to Lome, Togo Republic to deposit some consignments containing (US$160 Million), We deposited the consignments in a Private Security & Finance company there, But before the deposit, my late father instructed my elder brother OUSMANE CONTE to use my name as the NEXT OF KIN and his as the depositor. After A successfully deposited of the fund consignments, I CAMARA CONTE and my step elder brother went back to our country Guinea Republic, My elder brother OUSMANE CONTE gave My father the documents that confirms and cover the deposit of the fund consignments in Security company.
After a week and some days, On 29th April 2004, my father call me and told me that he sent my elder brother Mr OUSMANE to Angola to make the deposit of his boxes of Diamonds in Security company there, then my father gave me the documents of fund deposit to keep till he ask for it, It is so sad that my father is dead now.
Please check this website for more confirmation of my story:
Please I am contacting you to come for my help, I want you to come to Benin so that you stand as my partner and assist me to carry the consignments out of Africa, I will advise you on what we shall do regards to this fund, I am the rightful owner of the fund consignment now because my father is dead, and I am the named next of kin. 
As I am writing you this mail, my step brother Major OUSMANE CONTE has been arrested by the present Government of Guinea Republic, under this new President, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara's regime, This man seized power in coup on December 23rd at the time of my father's death.
I will solicite your help to this matter, No body know about this fund consignments, apart from myself and my brother OUSMANE CONTE who is now detained, I want to assure you that I have single handedly moved the consignments from the company in Lome Togo Republic to Secured Security & Finance Company, here in Cotonou Benin Republic for more security. So I expect your urgent reply and advise that you visit me here in Cotonou for face to face talk.
You come here, both of us plan and carry this fund, and travel to your country, I will nationlized in your country because I will not want to come back to Africa again, Also I want to continue my education because I have not finish my studies. 
Please for more trust, send me the follows:
Your Full name.................
Your Age.......................
Your Address...................
Your Telephone Number..........
Your Ocupation And Position....

Hopeing to hear your positive reply thanks


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