[Pkg-gpe-maintainers] Dear Sir

Alfonso and Linda alfiba at hotmail.fr
Fri May 15 13:20:56 UTC 2009

Dear Sir

Please permit our introduction. I am Alfonso Williams and my Sister's name
Linda. We are writing to seek your help and advice. We got your contact
address through our late father's international business directory and we
decided to contact you to seek for your kind assistance in helping us
invest our inheritance in your country. We want to do investment in your
country and at the same time further our education.

Our father and his half brother were murdered by assailants during a
mid-night rebel shoot-out in our country Sierra Leone. Our mother
sustained a very severe bullet injury the same night which resulted to her
untimely death four days after she was rushed down to a private hospital.

Shortly before this unfortunate incident, my father had informed me about
an important business deal he had executed with some of his colleagues in
the office. He told me that he diverted some money totaling Eight million
three hundred thousand dollars $8,300.000.00 which they realized from the
sale of gold and diamonds in the black market. He showed me the lodgment
document with which he used to deposit the money in the bank.

We have visited the bank where he made the deposit and identified
ourselves properly and informed them about the sad fate our father had
suffered. I presented the lodgment document and requested for the release
of the money but the bank Manager said that he cannot release the money to
us because of our age. So I told him that I intend initiating contacts
with our late father's oversea business partner who will be receiving the
money on our behalf.

Now we want to finaly relocate to your country with this money so that we
can start a new life and further our education. We are writing to know if
you can stand as our guardian and as our late father's oversea business
partner so that the bank can release and transfer the money to your bank
account on our behalf. We will need your contact to submit to the bank.
You will help us invest the money and also manage it for us. We want to
leave under your guardianship.

We will give you 12% of the money as compensation once you help us do
this. You will help us invest the remaining money in any profitable
commercial venture which you will consider in your country and you will
also get a school for us so that we can further our education.

Thank you and May God bless you and your family.

Yours Sincerely
Alfonso and Linda

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