[Pkg-gpe-maintainers] Bug#558926: Resolve unresolved symbols in shared libraries

Peter Fritzsche peter.fritzsche at gmx.de
Mon Nov 30 18:32:37 UTC 2009

Source: libtododb
Version: 0.11-2
Severity: wishlist
User: peter.fritzsche at gmx.de
Usertags: unresolved-symbols-so

I build all packages some time ago with binutils-gold and your package build
without an hard failure, but I noticed that you seems to provide a library in
a specific library package so other packages can link against it without
problems.... but your shared object has still some unresolved symbols which
the program which links agaomst it must resolve. This isnt a good idea because
when you introduce new dependencies the package previously linked against the
old version will break because it doesnt know about the new dependency.
Maybe you could link against all needed libraries so programs must not link
against libraries which it doesnt need to use.

Maybe it is related to following bugs which hard failed due to unresolved
symbols in programs

More informations can be found at
dpkg-shlibdeps already showed you the related warnings:

dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: symbol gpe_error_box used by debian/libtododb0/usr/lib/libtododb.so.0.0.0 found in none of the libraries.

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