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ICO charityorganization at volny.cz
Mon Jun 21 15:33:38 UTC 2010

Dear Sirs/Madam,

We, the Islamic Charity Organization is an independent non-political organization which offers a wide range of pure humanitarian services. ICO is working worldwide and it provides services for people all over the world regardless of their race, or nationality. ICO is providing help for the needy in social, economical, educational, medical, and cultural fields as well urgent relief aids in case of war, natural, disasters, epidemics, famines, and similar circumstances.

Our primary objective is to serve poor and needy Muslims as well as eligible non-Muslims are also helped and some aid is sent abroad to help poor or needy orphans and other children. We are presently interested to work with private charity groups or qualified person from the Middle East, the United States of America, Africa and Central Europe to represent us in their home country for the main purpose of distributing humanitarian aids to the less priviledge using our funds which originates from our resources through the help of the GCC region investment banking.

Please if you know you deem fit to fulfill a charitable assignment should reply to us with your full contact details so that we may contact with you with further details.you can reach me via email: www.charityislamicreal2006 at googlemail.com


Islamic Charity Organization

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