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Fri Mar 12 19:25:00 UTC 2010

This may appear a bit surprising to you but very beneficial as a matter of urgent and we are desperately looking for a foreign partner whom we can trust to handle some investment or fund movement.
I got your address from the consultancy directory during my search for a reliable and honest person to transact this business with, I currently reside in Johannesburg , South Africa with my three Children. I am from Swaziland . My late husband  was an employee with Anglo Gold before his death in November 7th 2008, our attention was drawn by his attorney (Lawyer) in regards to the deposit of US$6.1 million made by my late husband to one of the commercial banks in South Africa . Before his untimely demise, My late husband (Mr. Johnson Ngubane) was the Project Engineer of the above named firm, and since his working life, he has been with the said company, where he made fortunes as the project engineer. He was happily married with me and my three children, although his death was so untimely, such made us not to be aware of this deposit, until our attention was drawn by his attorney on the 23 of february this year and ever since then, we’ve been trying to
 figure out on the best way we should tackle on this transaction, especially, haven some one that will be reliable hence the global recession might hamper us the opportunity to have a God fearing and reliable person.
We have contacted with the commercial bank on our intention to transfer the deposited fund out of South Africa as we do not have any intention of investing in this part of the world due to the huge tax requirements by the authorities for any foreign investments. On this case, our attorney has giving us his support to provide to us all the information we might require to set up an appropriate claim of the fund, also for transfer to any foreign bank account which we may desire the fund to be remitted. We find it in our uttermost interest to contact you for your assistance and we wish to invest under your guidelines and supervision, though we have mapped out the sharing formalities. For the attorneys assistance, he will be pocketing 7% of the total fund, while, we shall be offering you with 30% of the total fund. 3% might be used for the cause of the transfer; hence we will invest 50% of the total fund in any meaningful investment under your total guideline
 and supervision.
You can respond immediately upon your confirmation.
GOD bless!
Mrs. Helen Ngubane for and on behalf of Ngubane’s family residing in Johannesburg South Africa
Email: mrs.helenngubane at hotmail.com 
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