[Pkg-graphite-maint] RFS: python-ceres / Graphite

Mathieu Parent (Debian) sathieu at debian.org
Wed Sep 18 16:07:11 UTC 2013

(cc-ing the ML)

2013/9/13 Jonas Genannt <jonas at brachium-system.net>:
> Hello Mathieu,

Hello Jonas,

> I have finally packaged python-ceres, the ceres library will replace the whisper library
> in Graphite soon.
> There is yet no official release, so I have packaged the current git tree.
> The package is lintian clean except of the binary-without-manpage warnings.
> It's available via our Git repro:
>         git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-graphite/packages/python-ceres.git
> Could you please have a look and if it fits upload it into NEW?

Everything seems ok. Built on sid and uploaded.

I will give you upload rights on it once it passes the NEW queue (remind me).

This is great that you take care of thoses packages, as I'm really
busy currently.

Mathieu Parent

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