[Pkg-graphite-maint] Bug#723831: Bug#723831: graphite-carbon: Include some basic config to run graphite out of the box

Jonas Genannt jonas.genannt at capi2name.de
Fri Sep 20 10:15:53 UTC 2013


> you did a very good job packaging this for Debian, thanks!


> Please consider including additional basic configuration to
> graphite-carbon, so we can get it running out of the box.

graphite-carbon is only the collector of stats. Please note there are
*three* different types for an running Graphite System:

 * python-whisper 
   This is the rrd replacement library for storing the metrics
   in an binary data file

 * graphite-carbon

   This is an daemon to receive the metrics via udp/tcp and using
   the whisper library to store that information into the filesystem.

 * graphite-web

   This is the webinterface for viewing the metrics, you can use the
   URL api or the extJS interface with the embedded dashbaord

That there are three types are available is not 100% correct, because
Graphite will replace the whisper library with ceres. But it is not yet
release. But python-ceres (git snapshot) is currently waiting in NEW


> Concrete things I miss:
>  * apache2 (or other webserver) configuration.
>  * A small README document to briefly explain how to get graphite
> running.
>  * A basic running web dashboard deployment.

So graphite-carbon has no webinterface available, because it's

And in the graphite-web package there is all included:


Please note, that graphite-web is not included into Debian Wheezy, but
is available at Debian unstable and testing and could be backported to


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