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Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Mon Oct 12 16:04:03 UTC 2015

 ❦ 25 mai 2015 18:02 +0200, Jonas Genannt <jonas at brachium-system.net> :

>> Would you have any objection with me packaging it? If no, I would like
>> to package it in the team if it's ok with you.
> did you have had any success with the packaging of graphite-api.
> I was jumped to graphite-api again because of:
> 	https://github.com/graphite-project/graphite-web/issues/677#issuecomment-105038863
> I don't know if it make sense to provide graphite-api and graphite-web. But graphite-web
> and the whole graphite project including whisper/carbon seems slow
> moving...


It took me some time, but here is a preliminary packaging for


Upstream is working on making the tests succeed even when Flask-Cache is
not present (we don't have it in Debian), hence the override for
dh_auto_test. The NEW queue taking currenly some time, I don't plan to
package flask-cache just yet.

I am reusing the _graphite user (adduser will ensure that it has the
appropriate properties when it exists, hence not checking with
getent). Logs are put in /var/log/graphite-api and there is
/var/lib/graphite-api whose sole purpose is to receive the index. I
could move it to /var/lib/graphite but then the API needs to have the
rights to write here the first time. The index could be created in

Upstream told me the crontab is useless for graphite-api, so, it's not

Also, I didn't ship the WSGI stuff for Apache. This could be easily
added back but is that useful? The documentation contains the necessary
bits for that.

I did just test that it builds, installs and runs.

Tell me if you see anything wrong.
Make input easy to proofread.
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