[Pkg-graphite-maint] graphite-api

Jonas Genannt jonas at brachium-system.net
Wed Oct 14 06:27:46 UTC 2015

Hello Vincent,

> It took me some time, but here is a preliminary packaging for
> graphite-api:
>  https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-graphite/packages/graphite-api.git/tree/debian

wow nice. Thanks for your work.

> Upstream is working on making the tests succeed even when Flask-Cache
> is not present (we don't have it in Debian), hence the override for
> dh_auto_test. The NEW queue taking currenly some time, I don't plan to
> package flask-cache just yet.
> I am reusing the _graphite user (adduser will ensure that it has the
> appropriate properties when it exists, hence not checking with
> getent). Logs are put in /var/log/graphite-api and there is
> /var/lib/graphite-api whose sole purpose is to receive the index. I
> could move it to /var/lib/graphite but then the API needs to have the
> rights to write here the first time. The index could be created in
> postinst.

The index is the same as in Graphite? - I shipping a cronjob that
rebuilds the index every hour.

> Upstream told me the crontab is useless for graphite-api, so, it's not
> here.
> Also, I didn't ship the WSGI stuff for Apache. This could be easily
> added back but is that useful? The documentation contains the
> necessary bits for that.

I have it in the Graphite package, but yeah you are right. It's easy to
set it up.

> I did just test that it builds, installs and runs.
> Tell me if you see anything wrong.

Seems very good. At some point I will add a sample Apache WSGI
Configuration if you don't mind.


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