Tools and versionning

Loïc Minier lool at
Mon Aug 1 11:43:31 UTC 2005


 I didn't knew of the unversionned binaries shipped by upstream, and
 hence implemented symlinks via the classical alternatives system.

 After discussion with upstream, they said they don't see why I did this
 and would really prefer the latest version of the unversionned built
 tools to be shipped instead.

 I'll try to make the move to a virtual gstreamer-tools package, but
 it's not going to be easy as we need:
 - one package with the versionned tools in each release
 - one package with the unversionned tools in each release conflicting
   with the other versions of this package

 Since I can't have the same binary package in two source packages,
 that's going to require 2 versionned packages in each source:
 - gstreamer0.8 source:
     gstreamer0.8-tools (might depend on libgstreamer0.8 but shouldn't)
     gstreamer0.8-tools-unversionned (provides / conflicts with
 - gstreamer0.9 source:
     gstreamer0.9-tools (might depend on libgstreamer0.9 but shouldn't)
     gstreamer0.9-tools-unversionned (provides / conflicts with

 I hate the complexity this creates and especially the names
 "gstreamer0.9-tools-unversionned", so feel free to propose
 alternatives[1] to this!  And be quick, sjoerd is breathing on my neck.


[1] pun intended.
Loïc Minier <lool at>

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