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Tue Dec 6 07:02:10 UTC 2005

First Direct Bank, 
40 Wakefield Road, Leeds LS98 1FD,
London UK. 
I am Mr. Henry Macpepple, Head Foreign Exchange Dept;FISRT DIRECT BANK UK .Every Six years, British Banks transfer to it treasury, Millions of Pounds sterling/Euros and dollars of unclaimed deceased Depositors Funds, in compliance with the Banking Laws and Guidelines.
 In the majority of cases, with reference to my First Direct Bank, the money normally runs into several millions of Dollars Until Mr. Sheu Yuan-dong, governor of Taiwan\'sCentral Bank, his wife and only daughter with other four other finance officials returning from a Conference in Bali Died in a plane crash in Taiwan, I was his foreign currency chattered Bank Account Manager with constant balance in excess of eight digits. Ever since his death and up till this time of writing, no next of kin or relation of his has come forward to claim his money with us, since they lost their only daughter who was supposed to
Inherit these liquid assets.
 However, with my position, I am directly in charge of Bills and Exchange in the Foreign Remittance Department of this bank. I am in a
position to cause the payment of this money to whosoever that present himself or herself as the next of kin or relation of late Mr. Sheu Yuan-dong on private business deal basis.
Please View this website:
The purpose of my writing to you exclusively is that I want to pull out this unclaimed money amounting To,51million pounds sterling’s (fifty one million pounds sterling) with your cooperation and assistance by just doing the following.
1. Act as the next of kin or relation of late Mr. Sheu Yuan-dong 2. Provide your bank account and location where you want the money remitted.
3. Provide your direct and private telephone/fax numbers for effective communication.
For your co-operation and efforts 20% of the money will be for you as our foreign partner, while 80% will be for my colleagues and myself that will eventually visit your country for Disbursement of our fund portion.
As a matter of fact, it is pertinent to inform you that All modalities have been accomplished and all logistics in good shape to effect payment
Looking forward to a mutual beneficial business
Treat with extremely confidential
Best regards,
Dr Henry Mcpepple. 
Head of Foreign Exchange Dept FISRT DIRECT BANK UK 
Note: The Money could also be paid officially 

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