Sebastien Bacher seb128 at debian.org
Wed Dec 7 13:25:49 UTC 2005

Le mardi 06 décembre 2005 à 16:47 -0500, David I. Lehn a écrit :
> What's the plan for gstreamer 0.10 packaging?  Anyone have grand plans
> on how to do it?  We now have a plethora of source packages to deal
> with. 


There is only 4 packages for plugins instead of 1, right? 

I've a gstreamer0.10 package almost ready and we have discussed about it
on #gnome-debian yesterday. We need to figure what to do with
unversionned binaries and it should be ready to be uploaded. The current
choice is to build a package (gstreamer-tools) from the current stable
ABI (0.10 now by example) for them, with a Depends gstreamer0.10-tools |
gstreamer0.8-tools. What do you think about that? Would gstreamer-tools
the correct name? Or rather -bin?

I've a gst-plugins-base0.10 mostly done too, but we need to sort the
splitting before uploading.

Most of the files are going to -misc.

According to the upstream srpm:

"# base plugins with dependencies

We may want to split those. Loïc would like to stick close to upstream
choices (ie: no over-splitting). According to yesterday's IRC discussion
the split could be -alsa (libgstalsa.so) -gnome (libgstgnomevfs.so) -x
(libgstpango.so, libgstx(v)imagesink.so) and other to -misc. Any opinion
on this topic?

>  I think we should also check again on the possibility of getting
> gst-python to be under this group maintainership project as well.

That's a good idea. Maybe you could contact the maintainer about that?

Sebastien Bacher

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