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Sat Dec 17 18:32:13 UTC 2005

(new) gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10.0-1.diff.gz optional libs
(new) gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10.0-1.dsc optional libs
(new) gst-plugins-base0.10_0.10.0.orig.tar.gz optional libs
(new) gstreamer0.10-alsa_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional libs
ALSA plugin for GStreamer
 This GStreamer plugin enables the usage of ALSA supported devices for input
 and output audio streams.
(new) gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional libs
Gnome VFS plugin for GStreamer
 This GStreamer plugin enables data stream input from a wide variety of
 sources (anything which is supported by the GNOME VFS library).  Use this
 plugin for access to HTTP, FTP, file, gzip, cdda, WebDAV, and many other
 data streams.
(new) gstreamer0.10-misc_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional libs
Collection of various GStreamer plugins
 This collection of miscellaneous GStreamer plugins is useful to process
 base types of streams.  You most certainly want to install this package.
 A short list of features in this package:
  * colorspace conversion
  * cutter
  * deinterlace
  * encoding and decoding of ogg vorbis compressed audio streams
  * encoding and decoding of ogg theora compressed video streams
  * ffmpeg-based colorspace conversion
  * goom
  * int/float conversion
  * mp3 type detection
  * ogg mux/demux
  * ogm audio/video parsers
  * video scaler
  * volume meter/control
  * Video4Linux1 (v4l1) & Video4Linux2 (v4l2) support
  * video, text, and time overlays
  * videocrop
  * videotestsrc
  * and many more...
 These plugins have minimal external dependencies.
(new) gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional utils
Simple GStreamer applications
 This package contains some simple GStreamer applications:
  * gst-launch-ext-0.10 - wrapper script around common gst-launch pipelines
  * gst-visualise-0.10 - simple visualization script
(new) gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-doc_0.10.0-1_all.deb optional doc
GStreamer base plugins documentation
 This packages contains the base plugins' documentation
(new) gstreamer0.10-x_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional libs
X videosink plugin for GStreamer
 This GStreamer plugin enables the use of X to display video streams.
 This plugin will take advantage of XVideo acceleration if the X
 extension and hardware are available.
(new) libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional libs
Various GStreamer libraries and library plugins
 This package contains various GStreamer libraries and library plugins which
 include utilities for use by other GStreamer plugins and applications.
 GStreamer plugins load the library plugins at runtime as needed.  Other
 plugin packages and applications will depend on this package if it is needed.
 This package contains:
  * libraries:
    * libgstaudio
    * libgstinterfaces
    * libgstnetbuffer
    * libgstriff
    * libgstrtp
    * libgsttag
    * libgstvideo
(new) libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev_0.10.0-1_i386.deb optional libdevel
Development files for various GStreamer library and library plugins
 This package includes the development files for GStreamer libraries and
 library plugins found in the libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 package.
Changes: gst-plugins-base0.10 (0.10.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Sebastien Bacher ]
  * New package:
    - build the documentation [debian/rules]
    - no action needed to register the plugins with the new version
       debian/libgstreamer-plugins.postrm, debian/rules]
    - drop mechanism to build extra packages for other distributions around,
      it's not useful for base [debian/extras, debian/rules]
    - drop transitionnal workaround [debian/gstreamer-plugin-template.preinst]
    - new gstreamer-plugin-base-doc package [debian/, debian/rules]
    - remove obsolete patches
    - updated the Build-Depends [debian/]
    - updated the packages descriptions [debian/]
    - updated the packages names/list [debian/,
      debian/gstreamer-a52dec.install, debian/gstreamer-aa.install,
      debian/gstreamer-artsd.install, debian/gstreamer-audiofile.install,
      debian/gstreamer-avifile.install, debian/gstreamer-caca.install,
      debian/gstreamer-cdio.install, debian/gstreamer-dvd.install,
      debian/gstreamer-dv.install, debian/gstreamer-esd.install,
      debian/gstreamer-festival.install, debian/gstreamer-flac.install,
      debian/gstreamer-gsm.install, debian/gstreamer-gtk.install,
      debian/gstreamer-hermes.install, debian/gstreamer-jpeg.install,
      debian/gstreamer-lame.install, debian/gstreamer-mad.install,
      debian/gstreamer-mikmod.install, debian/gstreamer-mms.install,
      debian/gstreamer-mpeg2dec.install, debian/gstreamer-oss.install,
      debian/gstreamer-sdl.install, debian/gstreamer-sid.install,
      debian/gstreamer-speex.install, debian/gstreamer-swfdec.install,
      debian/libgstreamer-gconf.install, debian/libgstreamer-gconf-dev.install,
      debian/gstreamer-vorbis.install, debian/rules]
    - updated the packages lists [debian/gstreamer-misc.install,
    - updated packages content
      [debian/gstreamer-misc.install, debian/gstreamer-x.install]
    - updated the version [debian/rules]
    - updated watch file [debian/watch]
  [ Loic Minier ]
  * Minor cleanups.
  * Add Sebastien Bacher to Uploaders.
    [debian/control, debian/]
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