gst-plugins-good0.10 package

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Dec 19 23:16:16 UTC 2005


I've started working on the gst-plugins-good0.10 package. The current
binary split is:

* the html documentation: gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-doc

* the different sinks:
gstreamer0.10-aa, gstreamer0.10-auto, gstreamer0.10-caca,
gstreamer0.10-esd, gstreamer0.10-oss 

* the misc package:

This package ships those .so and the schemas file:

The Depends are:
Depends: gconf2 (>= 2.12.1-4ubuntu1), libavc1394-0 (>= 0.5.0), libc6 (>=
2.3.4-1), libcairo2 (>= 1.0.2-2), libdv4, libflac7, libgconf2-4 (>=
2.11.1), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.9.1), libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 (>=
0.10.0), libgstreamer0.10-0 (>= 0.10.0), libjpeg62, liboil0.3 (>=
0.3.3), liborbit2 (>= 1:2.10.0), libpng12-0 (>= 1.2.8rel), libraw1394-5,
libshout3, libspeex1, libvorbis0a (>= 1.1.2), libxml2 (>= 2.6.22),
zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1)

Any comment on the current split? Should we move some of -misc? 
The current Depends are quite reasonable. Is there some people wanting
to run applications without this package? and
the .schemas are shipped with it and required by the applications, if
that's the case we may want to create a -gconf too (according to the
misc requirements I'm fine with both way and that's probably fine for
other people as well)

Sebastien Bacher

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