gst-plugins-good0.10 package

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Dec 20 11:01:48 UTC 2005

Le lundi 19 décembre 2005 à 20:33 -0500, David I. Lehn a écrit :

> Are you making a top level -plugins-good package that depends on
> everything else?  

No, we didn't for -base neither because there is not enough packages to
Depends on to have a real interest doing that.

> Should there be a core -plugins package that depends
> on the -plugins-good, -plugins-bad, -plugins-ugly, -ffmpeg, etc
> packages?  Ie, something to install all of gstreamer.

We may want to do a gstreamer dummy package (like the gnome one for
gnome) installing all the plugins yep.

> Why should sinks get special packaging and not sources or codecs?

No real reason, I misunderstood Loïc on IRC. We are going to keep
alsa/esd splitted because they are arch dependant/grab a sound server.
I'll move the other to misc again.

> >From an end users perspective the delta pain of the few sink plugin deps
> above is probably not that bad.  Why not just throw them all into
> gstreamer0.10-plugins-good?

Because we don't want to force people to install esound. 

> I've always wondered if the kitchen sink approach is really going to
> bother anyone.  I never had any data from my earlier work if anyone
> really cared that it was split up.  I always imagined 99% of the users
> would install everything via the top level -plugins package.  But I
> really don't know.  People don't seem to complain too much about all the
> crap GNOME and KDE desktops pull in.

That's not really true. We have splitted -base to -gnomevfs/-x for this
reason. I know that ubuntu, kubuntu people had an issue to Depends on
gnomevfs by example.

> Cons of uber package:
> - Bloat
> - Lots of deps, may not need many of them
> - Bloat
> - Must deflect users complaining about deps
> - One broken lib can cause whole package to be uninstallable

I don't think it's that bloated. What Depends of -good-misc seems
excessive to you? They are mainly small libs with no Depends. For -base
we splitted to -gnomevfs/-x for the Depends issue. The broken lib
argument is not really one. If one of the binary package has a such
issue we have to do a source upload anyway. And it only affects unstable
users by definition.

> Pros of uber package:
> - Disks bigger and networks faster these days. (kind of lame argument)
> - Packaging is _much_ easier.  I burned out on it.

I don't think gst-plugins0.8 package is harder. I mean the
infrastructure is in place, you just have to modify the control/rules
files and to put a .install for the new package.

Sebastien Bacher

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