Status of the C++ transition

Loïc Minier lool at
Sat Jul 23 20:05:31 UTC 2005


 gst-plugins was stuck behind the libjack transition just before the
 infernal C++ transition.  Here's a short status.

 Packages to transitions which change the list of dependencies[1]:
 DONE libsdl1.2: transitionned, NMU by Sam Hocevar
 WIP  libsidplay: transitionned, bogus i386 upload, I've prepared a bin
                  NMU, HE has uploaded or will upload it
 TODO arts: needs a transition, waits for at least qt-x11-free

 Packages needing a rebuild[2]:
 TODO ladspa-sdk: needs a rebuild, #318052, seems to wait for: caps,
                  cmt, and ecasound2.2

 Let me know if I'm forgetting anything here.


[1]: We need to wait for those to follow the rules of the C++
transition, or this would cause un-installability for us or other
[2]: We need to rebuild after all these packages are rebuilt, but we
won't FTBFS if we upload prior to all packages being ready, we'll keep
the libstdc++5 dep meanwhile though.
Loïc Minier <lool at>
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