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I got your contact in my search for an honest, godly and trustworthy foreign 
partner to assist me transact a rather very lucrative but confidential 
business. First, I must introduce myself to you. I am  Col. SAMUEL Kabila, a 
former aide de camp and cousin to the late President of DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC 
OF CONGO(DRC) (formerly known as Zaire),LAURENT KABILA.Due to the war raging 
in my country then the late President, Laurent Kabila,was using me through 
diplomatic means to send money out of the Republic because he had feared 
that he might be overthrown or killed at any time. He wanted to provide for 
his family.

On this particular occasion the late President gave me the sum of 
SOUTH AFRICA.This money was packed into a SAFE-BOX and brought into SOUTH 
AFRICA by DIPLOMATIC MEANS. It is here in South Africa that the news of the 
death of the President reached me, just exactly as he feared. May his soul 
rest in peace! After receiving the news of the President's death,  i was 
faced with deciding on what to do with the US$20M (Twenty Million United 
States Dollars) in my possession.I then deposited the SAFE-BOX containing 
this money in a PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANY here in SOUTH

AFRICA as FAMILY VALUABLES, without disclosing real content of it to them. 
My objective now is to invest this money in a foreign country like yours. I 
will also appreciate entering into a profitable joint venture with you after 
the safe transfer of the money.

I am by this mail asking you to assist me transfer this money to your 
personal/corporate account.  For your assistance,I shall compensate you with 
20% of the total sum. I have also set aside 5% of the total sum for expenses 
you and l may incur in course of this transaction.The remaining 75% will be 
for my family,which you will help us invest. Kindly, contact me by this 
email address.I wil furnish you with the details  of the transaction as soon 
as you assure me of your honesty, trust and determination to help me.

Note that all necessary arrangements for the success of this transaction 
have been concluded by me here and the transaction will take us a maximum of 
5 [five] working days to accomplish.there is no risk involved.

Samuel Kabila.

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