Bug#337605: gstreamer0.8-misc: Upgrade removes /root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml ?!

Justin Pryzby justinpryzby at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Nov 5 09:39:58 UTC 2005

Package: gstreamer0.8-misc
Severity: important
Version: 0.8.8-3
File: /root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml

Preparing to replace gstreamer0.8-misc 0.8.8-3 (using .../gstreamer0.8-misc_0.8.11-2_i386.deb) ...
removed `/root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml'
rmdir: removing directory, /root/.gstreamer-0.8
Unpacking replacement gstreamer0.8-misc ...

I can't fathom a legitimate reason to remove anything under /root/,
ever.  I hope that I am I misinterprettign this message, but I just
read the preinst script, and I am not:

    if [ -r "/root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml" ]; then
        current="`cat "/root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml"`"
        if [ "$orig" = "$current" ]; then
            rm -f -v "/root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml" || true
            rmdir -v "/root/.gstreamer-0.8" || true

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