Bug#337605: gstreamer0.8-misc: Upgrade removes /root/.gstreamer-0.8/registry.xml ?!

Loic Minier lool at dooz.org
Sat Nov 5 17:21:35 UTC 2005

retitle 337605 [post-etch] please remove postinst snipset to cleanup /root/.gstreamer-0.8


On Sat, Nov 05, 2005, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> Okay; why do you use a sh = test rather than diff followed by a check
> of $? ?.  (diff Priority: required)

 I didn't think, I don't think this is terribly ugly.

> I agree that this is pretty safe.  Maybe leave the bug open until this
> snipped is removed from preinst?  Which I guess is the first upload
> after etch release, correct?

 Fine for me.

> But is the problem actually fixed??
>   pryzbyj at cyberia:~$ ls /root/.g
>   .gconf/          .gnome/          .gnome2_private/ 
>   .gconfd/         .gnome2/         .gstreamer/      

 As I explained, I noticed the problem when I took up the packages, and
 I thought it was too late for gstreamer 0.6 (called gstreamer) which
 was already gone from the archive.  Hence, I only fixed the 0.8 series,
 I didn't want to fix 0.6 stuff in the 0.8 series...

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