Bug#323447: Problem persists for certain mp3 files

Martin Seifert martinseifert at fastmail.fm
Sun Oct 16 21:40:11 UTC 2005


my Soundcard is a ESS Technology ES1988 Allegro-1 (Onboard) and works
fine with the snd-maestro3 module.
Unfortunately I had the same problem as described above using rhythmbox
or muine which both use gstreamer0.8-alsa.
Switching to OSS-Output via gstreamer-properties helps as a workaround
and copying /usr/share/doc/libasound2/examples/asound.conf_dmix
to /etc/asound.conf (which did not exist before on my system) made
gstreamer-alsa work with most of my music files, but some still sound
ugly because of clicks.
One example file that works with gstreamer-oss and XMMS with ALSA-Output
while still causing problems with gstreamer-alsa was posted before

Strange situation, I am going to use OSS-Output again until the bug is
found and fixed.

gstreamer0.8-alsa 0.8.11-1
gstreamer0.8-oss 0.8.11-1
libasound2     1.0.9-3
libgstreamer0.8-0 0.8.11-1


Kind regards,

Martin Seifert

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