Bug#326135: pad problem with alsasink

Adam Jasin'ski ajasin1 at aster.pl
Fri Sep 2 13:23:24 UTC 2005

Loïc Minier wrote:

>        Hi,
>On ven, sep 02, 2005, Adam Jasinski wrote:
>>When I try to play a sound with alsa plugin I get the following error:
>>$ gst-launch filesrc location=foo.mp3 ! mad ! alsasink
>>RUNNING pipeline ...
>>ERROR: from element /pipeline0/alsasink0: Could not get/set settings 
>>from/on resource.
>>ERROR: from element /pipeline0/mad0: Internal GStreamer error: pad problem. 
>>File a bug.
>>Additional debug info:
>>gstpad.c(2562): gst_pad_set_explicit_caps: /pipeline0/mad0:
>>failed to negotiate (try_set_caps with "audio/x-raw-int, 
>>endianness=(int)1234, signed=(boolean)true, width=(int)16, depth=(int)16, 
>>rate=(int)44100, channels=(int)2" returned REFUSED)
>>ERROR: from element /pipeline0/mad0: Internal GStreamer error: negotiation 
>>problem.  File a bug.
>>Additional debug info:
>>gstmad.c(1206): gst_mad_check_caps_reset: /pipeline0/mad0:
>>Failed to negotiate 44100 Hz, 2 channels
>>Execution ended after 1 iterations (sum 5233000 ns, average 5233000 ns, min 
>>5233000 ns, max 5233000 ns).
>>Running the same command with osssink works fine.
> Please use audioscale and audioconvert in your pipeline:
>    gst-launch-0.8 gnomevfssrc location=/path/to/my/musicfile.ogg ! \
>        spider ! volume ! audioscale ! audioconvert ! alsasink
> If you still reproduce, please try with "! alsasink device=hw:0"
> instead.
>   Bye,
Using this pipeline with "! alsasink device=hw:0" finally worked - I was 
able to play the music file.

Thank you very much,

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