Patch to sort out libgstreamer0.9 versioning

Loïc Minier lool+alioth at
Tue Sep 13 10:37:00 UTC 2005


On Tue, Sep 13, 2005, Rob Taylor wrote:
> So .shlibs shouldn't have any versioned depends in this case (unless we
> find accidental ABI breakage), but for packages built from the same gst
> source, we need to have strict(ish) dependencies on the current release
> version number.


> Obviously the best solution here is to manually put in the libgstfoo (>=
> 0.9.2) in the control generation, as you currently do, but could I
> suggest we pass in -X (libs built by this source) to dh_shlibdeps for
> the binary packages? this would remove the unnecessary repetition on the
> binary packages' Depends: line.

 I'm not sure -X does what you think: it does not filter out shlib deps
 on some depended on library, it filters out files to search ELF deps
 in.  Anyway, it doesn't seem possible (there's no per package override,
 DEB_DH_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS_<package>).  The contrary doesn't seem possible
 either (override shlibs versions with another one for a specific binary

 I'll also check with upstream if this "current upstream coherence" is
 still required in 0.9 since ds pointed out that at least ELF deps have
 been sorted out.


Loïc Minier <lool at>

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