Bug#353045: The symbol is referenced from...

Sam Morris sam at robots.org.uk
Tue Feb 21 03:19:05 UTC 2006

I changed the declaration of put_be32's prototype to be conditional on
the definition of CONFIG_MUXERS and so found out that the symbol is
referenced from:

 png.c: In function 'png_write_chunk':
 png.c:660: warning: implicit declaration of function 'put_be32'
 rtp.c: In function 'rtcp_send_sr':
 rtp.c:578: warning: implicit declaration of function 'put_be32'

These functions use a bunch of similar symbols that are all condifional
on CONFIG_MUXERS: put_byte, put_be16, put_be32, put_be64,
put_flush_packet and put_le32.

So, either:
 * CONFIG_MUXERS should not be set blindly to the same value as CONFIG_ENCODERS
 * The function prototypes for these functions in avio.h should be
   conditional, and png_write_chunk and rtcp_send_sr should not use them
 * The definitions for these functions in aviobuf.c should *not* be
 * Something else that may be obvious to someone who knows anything
   about ffmpeg ;)

Sam Morris

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