Bug#329349: totem-gstreamer: Crashes with error "Resource busy or not available"

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Sun Jan 8 08:56:46 UTC 2006

reassign 329349 totem-gstreamer
retitle 329349 Please build against GStreamer 0.10 which autodetects the video output


On mer, sep 21, 2005, Ivan McDonagh wrote:
> Many thanks for the prompt response - totem now starts up without any  
> complaints at all!
> ivan at DaffyDuck:~$ xvinfo
> X-Video Extension version 2.2
> screen #0
>  no adaptors present

 This means that your configuration does not support X-Video.
 GStreamer 0.8 could be configured to use X-Video or not, and defaulted
 to X-Video.  Now  GStreamer 0.10 defaults to "autovideosink" which will
 use xvideo if available, and switch back to plain x11 otherwise.

 On my system, with one X-Video adapter, launching:
 GST_DEBUG="GST_ELEMENT*:3" gst-launch -v videotestsrc ! autovideosink
 a first time creates a windows on a X-Video adapter, the second time I
 launch the command in parallel opens a new window without a X-VIdeo

 Now, the only thing that remains to close your bug is to build totem
 with gstreamer 0.10.


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