Bug#369398: OIL: ERROR liboiltest.c 403

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Mon May 29 19:59:53 UTC 2006

reassign 369398 liboil0.3
retitle 369398 merge_linear_u8_mmx in class merge_linear_u8 failed check (8281 > 0) || (outside=0)
tags 369398 + unreproducible


On Mon, May 29, 2006, A Mennucc wrote:
> first&foremost: when I installed your package, I also installed 
>  libasound2 1.0.11-6 that has a grave bug, henceforth audio would
> not work anymore; now I installed libasound2_1.0.11-7_i386.deb,
> and audio works again.

 Ok, I'm aware of the two grave issues libasound had until -6 and -7,
 this is unrelated.

> >  Could you please tell me your liboil0.3 version, upgrade to 0.3.9-1,
> >  and attach the output of "cat /proc/cpuinfo" and "oil-bugreport" as
> >  separate text files to this report?
> $ dpkg -l liboil\*
> un  liboil-dev     <non definita> (descrizione non disponibile)
> rc  liboil0.2      0.2.2-1        Library of Optimized Inner Loops
> pn  liboil0.2-dev  <non definita> (descrizione non disponibile)
> ii  liboil0.3      0.3.9-1        Library of Optimized Inner Loops
> un  liboil0.3-dev  <non definita> (descrizione non disponibile)

 Did you upgrade liboil after or before getting the warning your
 reported initially?  (Perhaps your dpkg or aptitude logs has the info?)

> $ gst-inspect-0.10

 Ok, this should have triggerred the bug, nevertheless, it would be nice
 to reproduce the behavior of postinst with:
    GST_REGISTRY=/var/lib/gstreamer/0.8/registry.xml \
 I'm tagging unreproducible for now, as it might be either random
 because of the random nature of the initialization of liboil, and
 because it's not easy for you to trigger the bug.

 In case you reproduce the bug with the register command above, please
 try with OIL_CPU_FLAGS=0 in the environment of the program, and see if
 the problem disappears.

> $ cat /proc/cpuinfo


> oil-report is in attachment


> >  Do you reproduce this bug when running "oil-bugreport"?  or
> >  "gst-inspect-0.10"?
> when I run those commands, I do not see that error.

 Ok, same remark as above.

 Reassigning to liboil as it's unlikely a bug in

Loïc Minier <lool at dooz.org>

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