Bug#452282: crackling sound

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at deb.at
Tue Dec 4 14:14:31 UTC 2007

reassign 452282 alsa-lib


 Thanks to slomo to help me investigating the issue we came to the
conclusion that the issue Frans reported in #437827 is still current and
in the end found out that the patch Loïc suggested would indeed fix the

 Applying the patch would fix #429326 #436337 #451929 #452282. Even if
the bug in libasound wasn't triggered before in gstreamer it is still a
bug in libasound which is documented in the link to the alsa bugtrack
Loïc sent to the other bugreport.

 Can this issue pretty please get fixed? The former bugreport got closed
and is archived now, Elimar marked it as forwarded but nothing have
happened since. It isn't in the interest of our users to ignore the
issue...  Or that people would have to pull Loïc's patch and do their
private compile of alsa-lib just to work around the issue.

 Thanks in advance to all involved parties, and again, thanks to slomo
for giving me a helping hand to debug the issue pretty deeply which I
wouldn't had been able to do without his support.

 So long,

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