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The Young Men's Christian Association, YMCA, is an organization that centres on the youth for their growth, development and success.

A youth can be anyone, young or old, big or small. A youth is someone who has a young heart. A person who wants to achieve greatness in life and believes it is possible. A heart that desires success.

YMCA stands for Young Men's Christian Association, but don't misinterpret this to mean that YMCAs are only for "young, Christian men."

YMCA, runs " Establish The Youth ", a philantrophic program, done annually, that selects five beneficiaries from all over the world through the internet and gives them $, two million US dollars, each.

Wonderfully, you were picked as one beneficiaries to recieve $, two million US dollars. Congratulations. 

To recieve your cash benefit, send us your data to enable us indorse your name on the cheque and send your benefited money to you.


To contact us send an email immediately to 

 ymca_central at

Central YMCA
112 Great Russell Street
London, UK WC3Y 3NQ

A joyfull benefaciary and family from Canada who recieved his cheque last week.

                                             Registered Charity No 213121
YMCA? is a trade mark registered in respect of class 41, Trade Marks Act 1994 of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
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