Dropping the gstreamer0.8 stack

Sebastian Dröge slomo at circular-chaos.org
Tue May 8 13:04:20 UTC 2007

severity 410384 serious
clone 410384 -1 -2 -3
reassign -1 ftp.debian.org
retitle -1 RM: gst-plugins0.8 -- RoM; abandoned upstream, superseded
reassign -2 ftp.debian.org
retitle -2 RM: gst-python -- RoM; abandoned upstream, superseded
reassign -3 ftp.debian.org
retitle -3 RM: gstreamer0.8 -- RoM; abandoned upstream, superseded

as etch is now released I'll file removal requests for the complete
gstreamer0.8 stack (gstreamer0.8, gst-plugins0.8, gst-python). The
maintainers of the remaining packages that depend on this are notified
to take care of their packages.

These are:

bug #422711, the dependency is unnecessary anyway and should be replaced
by python-gobject instead.

bug #410441, not ported to gst0.10 yet and maintainer and upstream don't
have any time to do it.
The sound-juicer package provides the same functionality but uses

bug #422850, there are gstreamer0.10 bindings for ruby
(ruby-gstreamer0.10) and no package depends on the 0.8 version of them

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