HURRY TO CLAIM YOUR AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ital4life at ital4life at
Wed May 30 06:55:19 UTC 2007

HURRY TO CLAIM YOUR AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ticket no: 50941465206-529.
Attn: Lucky Winner,
contact the claim dept Director: James Milton.
Claim Department Director,
Microsoft / Staatsloterij Inter. B.V.
Contact Email: claimcentre01 at
You have emerged as the prize recipient of 920.000.00Euros in the first 
category of microsoft / staatsloterij.
Find below your winning information to enable you file for your 
BATCH No: 14/011/IPD.
ticket no: 50941465206-529.
Yours faithfully,
Jennifer Chole
(Online lottery cordinator)
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