Bug#426661: FLAC 1.1.4 is coming, library transition imminent

Joshua Kwan joshk at triplehelix.org
Wed May 30 07:18:35 UTC 2007

Package: gstreamer0.8-flac
Version: 0.8.12-6
Severity: normal


This is to let you know I've gotten around to packaging FLAC 1.1.4. As
you may know, this involves not only the usual SONAME change from

libflac7 -> libflac8
libflac++5 -> libflac++6

but also liboggflac* have been removed, and merged into the main
FLAC library, so there are lots of API considerations involved
with that. You're receiving this bug because your package depends
on one or more of libflac7, libflac++5, liboggflac3, or liboggflac++2.

By now your upstream sources have transitioned, or at least made #ifdef
style provisions for this new API, especially if your package depends
on liboggflac*. If not, Josh Coalson, the upstream maintainer of FLAC,
has prepared a fairly extensive transition guide on the FLAC web site in
case you want to have a go at making the transition yourself. (What a
dedicated maintainer!):


If you're ready to build against 1.1.4, please download binary packages
or build them from source from here:


i386 and amd64 are available on that page.

Well, this is a small-time library transition. So this is probably the
only message you'll see about this. I plan to upload 1.1.4 tomorrow
evening if there are no concerns raised about the sanity of this
transition, and you will have until the package clears NEW to prepare.

Once it hits unstable, you should upload your package on the same day to
mitigate uninstallable packages. (But if anyone complains, tell them
that they're using unstable, and should live with it.)

Oh, and sorry for the belated transition -- I've been quite busy with
school. Anyway, let me know if there are any problems.

Joshua Kwan

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