Bug#448411: gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mpegdemux: Conflicts with dtsdec plugin

Sebastian Dröge slomo at circular-chaos.org
Mon Oct 29 08:51:02 UTC 2007

Am Sonntag, den 28.10.2007, 22:31 +0100 schrieb Sven Arvidsson:
> Package: gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mpegdemux
> Version: 0.10.12-1
> Severity: normal
> If I try to play a movie with DTS soundtrack with both
> gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mpegdemux and gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad
> installed, I get no sound and this warning:
> ** Message: don't know how to handle audio/x-private1-dts
> ** Message: Missing plugin: gstreamer|0.10|totem|audio/x-private1-dts
> ** decoder|decoder-audio/x-private1-dts (audio/x-private1-dts decoder)
> Message: Automatic missing codec installation not supported (helper
> ** script missing)
> It works fine if I remove -mpegdemux. 

That's interesting... could you please do the following:

gst-launch-0.10 -v playbin uri=file:///path/to/file

one time without flumpegdemux and one time with flumpegdemux and
paste the output here?
I assume that flumpegdemux gives wrong caps to the DTS pad... would be
nice to see what would be right :)

Also, gst-typefind-0.10 on the file might give useful info :)

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