infrastructure to export the codec installation,informations

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at
Wed Aug 13 13:23:52 UTC 2008

Sebastian Dröge schrieb:
> Only the candidate versions will be searched for the control fields and
> will be installed.

Sorry, but I dont' know what you mean by "candidate versions".

However, do you remember that ~1/2 year ago I added some support for 
external codecs to the Debian packages for -bad and -ugly? In the long 
term I'd like to have a common mechanism among Debian packages to 
build against external (i.e. not in Debian) libraries if the original 
package supports it. For ffmpeg (and libquicktime recently) we have 
introduced an "externalcodecs" keyword that - if it's found in the 
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS - triggers linking against additional codecs. Do you 
think it is a good idea to introduce this in the gstreamer packages, too?
Your recent addition of the control headers for the gstreamer packages 
led me to another idea. I'd like to have something like "weak" 
Build-Depends for packages that support additional codecs. Something like:
XS-externalcodecs-Build-Depends: libfaac-dev, libmp3lame-dev, 
libxvidcore-dev, libx264-dev

Do you consider this a practicable idea?


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