Web-based New Generation CRM

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Wed Apr 8 08:19:04 UTC 2009

In 1999, people commented there were too many CRM products. In 2009, people
complained there wasn’t enough good CRM.

The reason is simple. The requirements have changed. Users want a simple CRM
package to start but demand customized front-office, middle-office and
back-office features in an integrated CRM solution made to order in a matter
days once their businesses depend on it .

The real power of the modern CRM is all the 3 things, (1) ODOS (2)
automation and (3) better integration of people that yields better insights.
Without (1) ODOS, things can be automated but not clear and agile and the
power of automation can be tremendously reduced. Without (3) better
integration of people, organizations do not have (i) the needed insights for
winning the deals and (ii) the needed insights for requirements,
interactions and interim deliverables to improve the chance of success for
the final results.
Attached please find our New Economies, New CRM whitepaper.  If you want
such a solution, please visit *www.wisagetech.com* for additional
information or send email to *sales at wisagetech.com* .
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