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Wed Apr 15 17:05:41 UTC 2009

From: Mrs. Judith Al-Awad
Indonesia Citizen.

Grace, Peace and Love from This Part of the Atlantic to You. I Hope My
Letter Does Not Cause You Too Much Embarrassment As I Write To You In Good

All my life I have worked as an estate developer in Cotonou Republic of
Benin West Africa, I grew so well and got married in Africa to my "lovely"
husband, Waleed M. Al-Awad from India and we had two kids, Bassem and
Ayisat. I am from Indonesia. My husband lured me into investing in his
father's country India with which he "advised that I sell all my property
in Africa and invest. I acted on his advice as I don't want anything to
separate my family, but I had to deposit the fund with a prime bank in
Cotonou Republic of Benin before we left for India. On our arrival in
India, he wanted me to invest in his father's company, who is into
farming, but I objected and informed him that I still want to go into my
property development; I never knew he had selfish intention of compelling
me to invest in his father's business. This argument grew to a point that
his family became aggressive and my life was endangered

To sum it up, I had a motor accident and on confirming the cause of the
accident, it happened that the nuts of my car tire were loosened and I
thank God that my life is still available for me to source for a partner
to hold this fund for me. He thought I will not survive the accident
though am on a wheel chair now. His attempt to get this fund from the bank
has failed.

Now, I want to move this fund from the bank in Cotonou Republic Benin to
your care and I will like you to invest this fund for me pending when I
recover to meet you in your country. I have heard so much negative news
about meeting people in internet, with cautions to deal with people on the
internet but I believe that not everybody is bad and my God will not put
me to shame. Please this is my life all I need is trust and care. As I
want to get your consent first before given you the details. My kids are
too young to handle this for me. You will be compensated with 20% of the
total fund, while 80% will be invested on my behalf by you.

Therefore, if this transaction interests you, please get back to me with
your private phone which I will call you and give you details. This
transaction has nothing to do with illegal transaction, as I have decided
to invest in your country with your directives, which you will also
benefit from. I am not employing you rather we will work as partners
respecting each other's opinion.

All I want from you is trust and sincerity.

Mrs. Judith Al-Awad.

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