Bug#522796: mixer-applet: uses 100% cpu after removal of soundcard

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Tue Apr 28 14:40:38 UTC 2009

Le lundi 06 avril 2009 à 09:09 -0500, Frank Loeffler a écrit :
> when I remove a sound card from the system (usb, logitech webcam, micro) which
> was alsa device 0, but there is a second sound card (build-in, intel) alsa
> card 1 in the system, the mixer-applet starts to use 100% cpu. Killing and
> restarting the applet resolves the issue.
> After the removal, card 0 is not accessable and not usable, but card 1 still
> is and the number of usable cards is also still greater than 0, which might
> be unexpected for some code (just my guess).

I have already seen this behavior. I assume it is caused by
gstreamer-alsa, but I’m not sure. CCing the GStreamer maintainers, maybe
they’ll be able to confirm.

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