Bug#541572: elisa-plugins-good: uses python-gnome2-desktop which is going away

joss at debian.org joss at debian.org
Fri Aug 14 19:34:07 UTC 2009

Package: elisa-plugins-good
Version: 0.3.5-2
Severity: important
Usertags: gnome-python


elisa-plugins-good currently depends on python-gnome2-desktop.
However, this binary package will disappear, so that we can cope with
the large upcoming changes in the list of supported modules upstream. 

Instead of depending on it, you need to make elisa-plugins-good
depend only on the packages corresponding to the modules it is
actually using. The output of a script looking at these dependencies
was put on this page: 


These dependencies may not be entirely accurate, but they should be a
good starting point.

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