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Sun Mar 7 22:24:27 UTC 2010

I'm Hajia Yaradua the wife of Nigeria President Alhaji Umaru Musa Yaradua,
who is now on a sick bed because of his illness the Nigerian Senate
unanimously appointed his vice Dr Jonathan Good luck as an acting
President of the Federal Republic of Nigerian without the consent of our
Every Nigerian knows that my husband has being living with the aid of life
supporting machine, the newly appointed acting President took that as an
advantage to witch hunt the interest of my beloved husband in the
Government by removing my sick husband special aids and ministers, example
is that of the attorney general of the federation in the person of Michael
Aoandoka ,he did this to pave way for his allied to be the new attorney
general of the federation to enable him prosecute my husband for
embezzlement of public funds with his administration anti graft commission
and to seize my sick husband money and assets.
Having foreseen the hand writing on the wall, I decided to contact you for
this very urgent and secret transaction so that you can help to secure
some of our cash deposit in a security company some where in Europe.
Please contact me for details by forwarding me with the following
information as an indication to show your willingness to assist in this

1: Full Name and Address
2: Private Phone/Fax Number for Oral and Easy Communication
3: A copy of your ID
4: Age and Occupation
5: Nationality

Hajia Yaradua

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