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Attention Beneficiary, 

this is to notify you that your consignment box which contained your funds($1.5Million) was recovered from the FedEx Courier Express Company as the box was been kept in a safe guild room of the courier company since A year ago. How ever,the New Government scheme of David Cameron. With the information we received this morning, and in this regards, you will receive you money of ($1.5Million)through a very good Courier Express in here U.K and it will be delivered to your address by FAST LINK COURIER EXPRESS as soon as you contact them and reconfirm your Mailing address to them for this delivery. Sorry for the delay sand
whatever you might have incurred during this Process, so all you have to do is to send them the reconfirmation of your address immediately for your delivery. 

You have to keep a very good security of this with the Courier Company because everything has been finalized and Submitted to them for delivery to your address. 

Contact FAST LINK COURIER EXPRESS with their contact details as Bellow: 
Director of Foreign Delivery: Mr., Nelson Cole 
Company Contact E-MAIL: fastlinkcourierexprss at

Contact Tel: +447014240318     
Contact Fax: +447014240318

The above information is information of the FAST LINK COURIER EXPRESS so contact them now that we have deposited your consignment box in their office for delivery and they will be waiting for you to contact them immediately you Receive this mail. You should email to the FAST LINK COURIER EXPRESS
the Following. 

1. Your Full Name:........................, 
2. Your home address for delivery:...................... 
3. Your contact Tel:……………… 

Call them immediately you receive this mail and update us in all your dealing with them okay. So we will know when you receive your Draft from their Courier Company. 

Dr. Williams Pope, 
British High Commission 
Chairman Committee 
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