From Elizbeth Duru

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Sun Feb 5 16:14:28 UTC 2012

 From Elizbeth Duru

Dear sir,
It is my pleasure to write to you, which I 
believe will be a surprise, as we are both 
completely strangers.  My name is Elizbeth Duru 
19 "years old from Republic of Libera.
I am seeking your humble assistance to invest 
the sum of $8,500.000.00 dollars deposited by my 
late father with a bank in Ivory before he died 
untimely death.
My uncles has claim other properties of my 
father and threatening to kill me after i find 
out that they are the people who killed my 
father.  I am alone in a totally strange country 
without parents, relatives or any body to care 
for me.

This deposit is my hope of solvival as i have 
decide to face life with full reality.

I will offer you 15% for investment assistance.
Elizbeth Duru.
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