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 I have the belief as i promise you right now saying Bismillah(In the
 Name of Allah) that this communication will later be a testimony in
 our life though we just known each other through internet which is now
 an unsecured means of communication since some people of wicked mind
 without conscience comes here to tell lies and put others into trouble
 but please read my message very well though it may be the least of
 what you expects from me since we are just new friend but, it is my
 wish and desire now to tell you all about me due to my happiness from
 knowing you.

 My name is Kamal Ali Mohammed, born and raised up into a
 Muslim family. Am 62year old and am a senior member of U.N. I have
 faith Mashaallah(Allah's will) that lead me to know you after fasting
 offering prayers to him Bismillahir Rahmani Raheem (In the Name of
 Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful I start my history.

 As am writing you know am in sadness and crying. I have a good salary
 in my work and am the only one who sign and approved any contract
 coming from America, U.K, Swiss, German and other Europe country to
 all Africa continent.

 Almost every three, three year there is a project for all Africa
 continent against Malaria parasite, this project we call it ERADICATE

 The last 3years own cause my life problem now.

 My problem started like this.

 My old friend from Libya visits me on how he can progress, he want to
 be a contractor and I told him lets partner over this. I used his name
 and my name to start a contractor company without anyone in my office
 aware and we collect the contract on ERADICATE POLIO OUT OF AFRICA
 2009 and we supplier by our self!!!I do not know it’s will brings
 unforgettable roblem to my life.

 We execute this contract hardly because it involves a lot of money but
 will manage where I sell almost what I have in my life and take heavy
 loan at Bank.

 When the cheque comes out now to get us paid my friend told me he will
 like us to used his euro account in Libya and we both agreed, I borrowed
 money again from one staff to get my friend to Libya because we are
 living with hand to mouth since we have used all our liquid money over
 the issued.

 The day he left to Libya, the Libya started the crisis and I lost his
 information all my hope is that he escape, no news no any contact from
 him until present I confirm he is dead.

 Now everything I have in my life is gone unless I found one Arab friend who
 have account at any Arab nation because everyone in my office knew he
 is an Arab man.

 If I contact you to come and represent him it will be impossible
 because people knows him here and in UN everything we did it’s have
 record. please I have a strong belief that you can help me not to let
 my life ruin. If you accept to do this impersonation to represent my
 late friend I promise I will give you 20 percent of this huge sum.

 Please contact me on this email if you accept to do this with me and
 there is nothing like a risk I promise you that. nnmmoppp at
 (Glory Be To Allah) for guiding me to know someone like you as I
 expect to see your reply soonest
 Your new Partner
 Kamal Ali Mohammed,

N B Please conact me back to this email address nnmmoppp at

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