Bug#681652: GStreamer does not play MP4

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Fri Jan 18 15:33:28 UTC 2013

Control: tag -1 + pending


intrigeri wrote (31 Dec 2012 20:29:18 GMT) :
> I'd still be happy to hear from you and learn from your domain
> expertise, but otherwise, I plan to proceed along the lines described
> above, via a NMU that would look like the attached patches (created on
> top of the package's Vcs-Git) -- they do fix the bug according to
> my tests.

I just NMU'd to DELAYED/5 with the proposed patches.
Reviews and comments are welcome :)

You should be able to apply these patches as is on top of your Vcs-Git
if you're wanting acknowledge the NMU.

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