gstreamermm new upstream version and possible push to unstable

Sebastian Dröge slomo at
Sat Jan 25 11:30:23 UTC 2014

On Fr, 2014-01-24 at 19:18 +0100, Philip Rinn wrote:
> Hi,
> I send Sebastian Dröge an email about aw eek ago a he seemed to care about
> gstreamermm the most but as he doesn't respond I send it to your list now:

Sorry for not getting back to you, it got lost between all the other

> I'm the maintainer of subtitleeditor, the only reverse dependency of gstreamermm
> in the archive I know of. I'd like to update gstreamermm to version 0.10.11 as
> it fixes some bugs and would make my life easier as it would synchronize the
> versions in Ubuntu and Debian again.
> I imported the packaging from Ubuntu and did some fixes on the way, here is the
> changelog:

I personally don't care at all anymore about GStreamer 0.10 and
applications should consider porting to 1.x as soon as possible
anyway :) 0.10 is no longer supported by upstream since quite a while.

> [...]
> Additionally I'd ask to move gstreamermm to unstable as upstream moved to
> version 1.0 and it's not likely that they'll break ABI in the 0.10 version.

I'm not sure how useful that is, considering that 0.10 is no longer
maintained. Maybe we should just let the 0.10 version disappear instead?

What are your plans for subtitleeditor to upgrade to 1.x?

> You can just take my packaging if you like. If you are to busy I could step in
> as co-maintainer if you like (I'm not a DM jet but hopefully soon).
> You find my packaging on m.d.n:
> dget -x

Feel free to add yourself as co-maintainer, I can also add your to
pkg-gstreamer if you want to help maintaining the mm bindings.

I'll try to take a look at your changes over the next days, but let's
try to find an approach to get rid of 0.10 ASAP instead of wasting more
time on it :)
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