C/R/P for old Ubuntu package splits

Iain Lane laney at ubuntu.com
Wed May 3 13:24:40 UTC 2017


With the end of the Unity 8 & phone efforts in Ubuntu, I'm taking the
chance to drop some of the delta in our gstreamer packages.

In -ugly we had a split for the AMR codec, which was used on the phone.
This isn't needed now, so I put it back into the main -ugly package and
added some Conflicts/Replaces/Provides to move users back over.

It should be safe to push this into Debian, and it makes our future
updates easier since there's less (or no) delta between the two if we do

For -ugly I just pushed this to the debian-experimental branch as
c39e840ea97baa6fb8a42b2ff5cb87194febd860. I thought I'd mail so that you
have the chance to revert if you don't want this in Debian. Then we'd
have to keep manually merging, but that would be possible if it's what
you want. Hopefully it's considered okay. :)

We have a comparable situation in -bad too, but I didn't push that yet.


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